One solution doesn't fit every trader's needs. We offer tailor-fit solutions based on your objectives.

  Multiple front-end trading and connectivity options
TradingBlock Professional offers cutting-edge trading technologies and connectivity solutions. Active traders utilize our client-based platforms to create and deploy unique complex option orders, or rely on our proprietary technology to identify spread strategies with defined risk.
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  • Multiple DMA front-end solutions including Sterling, Silexx, Eze EMS and Instinet
  • Web-based complex order entry platforms with access to multiple order books
  • Single-ticket entry of up to four-leg custom option strategies
  • FIX connectivity to multiple clearing destinations with drop copy integration for immediate visibility and risk control

Execution Routes
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Available Platforms

Sterling Trader® Pro

Sterling Trader Pro is a robust, fully-scalable order entry and risk management system that is completely customizable to the individual trader. Sterling offers state of the art direct-access connectivity, a robust charting package, fundamental analysis and realtime news, as well as linkable option chains, time and sales, and depth of market order entry for both stocks and options.

Sterling also offers the full range of TradingBlock custom smart routes, designed in conjunction with professional traders to offer entry and exit solutions for any trading situation.

Complex Options Order Entry
TradingBlock Pro clients can now execute spread trades directly from their Sterling Trader® Pro platform. Enter, manage and route complex options orders to a variety of designated executing destinations, and select from a growing roster of executing brokers.

Direct connectivity. TradingBlock has established spread trading via direct connectivity to participating exchanges and will soon offer additional smart route spread trading options.

Spread trading on Sterling lets traders interact with exchange complex order books to enter spread orders of up to four legs to the exchange of their choice. The Sterling Trader Pro Complex Options module includes: pre-set spreads, order management, risk controls, and custom spreads.

Spread Trading on Sterling is integrated directly with the Sterling Trader Pro Options Chain window, and offers both Implied and Actual Pricing

Options Chain Features
• See every strike price for calls and puts for a specific underlying symbol.
• Highlight in-the-money options for faster decision making.
• Calculate Greeks and volatility.

Options Order Entry Features
• Level 2 style window showing the best bid/ask of each exchange.
• Track the underlying stock’s current statistics at the same time.
• Link to Options Chain for quicker order entry changes and analysis.


SILEXX OEMS is a multi-asset class trading platform featuring advanced trading analytics, real-time risk management, low-latency technology and global coverage to provide traders with the comprehensive capabilities they need to make better-informed trading decisions.

SILEXX OEMS supports the individual trader and risk manager alike with operational intelligence and drill-down insight into portfolio and firm-wide risk profiles. Aggregate 3rd-party order flow into a single, comprehensive solution to mitigate capital risk.

Efficient Workflow. A streamlined workflow is paramount to keep pace with today's rapidly moving markets. SILEXX OEMS offers an optimized, battle-tested interface that features:

• Customizable Layouts
• Module linkage functionality
• Multi-Asset Class Order Tickets
• Hotkeys
• Strategy-based Complex Order Tickets
• Single-click trading

Flexibility. With an intuitive and modular design, SILEXX OEMS allows traders to customize workflow settings, including:

• Multi-monitor support
• Custom, savable data grid layouts
• Transferable system layouts
• Cross-Module order management

Portfolio Management. Flexible and performance architecture, capable of real-time P&L tracking and risk analysis for thousands of positions in multiple asset classes, currency conversions, greek analysis and dynamic grouping.

• Scenario Analysis
• Measure Market Impact
• Volatility Analysis
• Drill-Down intelligence (grouping, sector analysis, P&L Greek decomposition)

SS&C | Eze EMS
A longtime leader in the direct market access space, Eze EMS remains a premier platform for active, professional and institutional investors. Eze EMS offers a virtually limitless array of features, and connectivity to most of the globes market places.

Multiple specialty order types are available, along with a robust and intuitive complex options order entry interface.

TOP from Instinet®
Instinet’s TradeSpeed Options Professional (TOP) platform offers a comprehensive order-entry and trade analysis system targeted to the serious options trader. Equities, single leg and complex option order entry are all supported, via direct and smart order routes.

TOP offers a highly advanced risk management system with integrated volatility and greeks analysis.