Back-office, reporting and fee management tools to help you manage your trading.

  Reports and services to help you manage your cash
Online reports center gives money managers and traders daily fee and brokerage reports to simplify administration of your accounts. We also provide additional services designed to help you maximize your buying power and investment capital. 

Additional solutions include:
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  • Portfolio margin
  • Soft-dollar program
  • Custom reporting, fee management and P&L allocation interface
  • Industry/vendor partners

What is Portfolio Margin?

“Portfolio Margin” is a portfolio and risk-based margin methodology that applies margin requirements to an account based on the greatest projected net loss of all positions in a given ‘security class’ or ‘product group’.

Unlike “Regulation T margin” (or “Reg T”, the margin methodology which applies to most retail brokerage accounts and which applies margin treatment on position-by-position basis), Portfolio Margin accounts for correlations that may exist between similar types of indices and ETFs. Portfolio Margin also considers how conservative a portfolio may be; thus, a more conservative portfolio may have lower margin treatment than a portfolio carrying more risk.

The goal of Portfolio Margin is to set margin levels that more precisely reflect actual net risk by considering the entirety of an account’s current positions. As a result, Portfolio Margin may provide traders greater leverage (or more efficient use of trading capital), since margin requirements are calculated based on net risk and may be lower than standard Reg T margin requirements. Additionally, under Portfolio Margin, initial and maintenance margin requirements are the same.

TradingBlock offers Portfolio Margin to qualified clients. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.